Debian ARMhf

I have run ArchLinux ARM on my BBB for quite some times. I liked this version of Linux because it was basic and “clean”. It reminds me of the Unix System V days when everything was based on the command line.

I also tried the official BBB version of Debian, it loaded and worked but it seemed to come loaded and/or configured with some “stuff” like the official BBB webpage. There might have also been some other packages/items installed/preconfigured on that version, but I am not sure. Unfortunately I was not able to get Asterisk/FreePBX to work on the official BBB version of Debian, which was simply due to my lack of experience with Debian, so I am not complaining about the official BBB Debian version.

All of this lead me to a minimal version of Debian ARMhf that I found at I’m currently running this version which seems to be more of a" bare bones" version of Debian. So after installation, I load (apt-get) the packages I want. With this version I was able to download/compile/configure Asterisk/FreePBX, which in itself is a pain in the ass, so I’m happy to get that monster running.

I was curious if anyone else was familiar with, if they were running Debian ARMhf and what their thoughts might be.