Debian Buster kernel options

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If I understand correctly, the latest kernel version in the repos for Debian Buster is 4.19.94-ti-r73. However, the mainline kernel version in that branch is 4.19.283. Would it be possible to apply TI and patches to that version and rebuild? Is it worth trying that? Maybe there were any security fixes or bug fixes between .94 and .283 releases of 4.19 kernel?..

Hi @me21 , nope TI is done with v4.19.x: Gitweb @ Texas Instruments - Open Source Git Repositories - - ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git/shortlog they moved on to 5.4.x-ti, then 5.10.x-ti and now working on 6.1.x-ti…

If you want to stay on the 4.19.x major release, install this meta package, you’ll lose TI’s SGX support, and UIO-REMOTEPROC… But you’ll be running 4.19.280 atleast…

sudo apt update
sudo apt install

details: Debian 10.x/11.x Kernel Updates


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Thank you @RobertCNelson. Where can I find the information on differences between various kernel flavours? There are the following options listed in the provided link:

  • ti
  • ti-rt
  • LTS
  • LTS-rt
  • LTS-lpae
  • LTS-bone
  • LTS-bone-rt

And in GitHub - RobertCNelson/ti-linux-kernel-dev: vendor bsp... repo, there’s also ti-xenomai.

Found some info in the linked topic: Debian 10.x/11.x Kernel Updates - #15 by RobertCNelson

BONE = mainline (am335x (SMP disabled))
BONE-RT = mainline + Real TIme Patchset (am335x (SMP disabled))
TI = TI LTS Release (am335x + am57xx (SMP enabled))
TI-RT = TI LTS Release + Real Time Patchset (am335x + am57xx (SMP enabled))

But what is “TI LTS Release”? What does it include in addition to the mainline kernel? Only SMP, SGX support and UIO-REMOTEPROC?

The same question about “ti-xenomai”, “bone” and “lpae” kernels. Do “bone” kernels include patches for the better support of Beaglebone family, while LTS kernels run without it? Is “xenomai” another approach to real-time in Linux? Do I understand correctly that “lpae” kernels allow accessing the memory beyond 4 Gb with 32-bit CPU - in that case I don’t need it on the Beaglebone Black?

Every year, TI grabs a new “LTS” branch and uses that to fully support their products. For the AM335x family.

In the case of 4.19.x-ti which you are on, that would be here: Gitweb @ Texas Instruments - Open Source Git Repositories - - ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git/shortlog

It’s diff between mainline 4.19.x is massive, so feel free to do a straight diff, but most of those patches are backports, or ti enablebment on brand new devices…

SMP - Symmetric multiprocessing, but your using the AM335x, which is a single core Cortex-A8, which doesn’t support SMP. We enable SMP for the AM57xx family of devices, which is a dual Core Cortex-A15. One trick we do in the Bone kernel is disable SMP, which gives you small size/speed savings on the AM335x.

SGX - 3d graphics acceleration…

UIO-remoteproc - the pru sub-system has two options for usage, TI’s remoteproc and mainline UIO subsystem. Most of the commuinty prefers, uio, whereas ti loves remoteproc… Only the TI branch fully support the remoteproc method of pru access…

“xenomai” - is user supported, it’s patch tree is a mess, i’m not working on it, and i will not personally support it…

bone - is our default mainline kernel + changes, optimized for am335x (only)…

lpae - the Cortex-A8 does not support this extension, it will not boot on am335x