Debian image 7.4 2014-4-14 , how to make usb cable provide internet

Dear all,

Thanks for the great help here and there. Could any one share how to make usb to be your internet source on a Mac?
I am able to ssh through my new image on my uSD card.


The following instructions should do the trick :wink: !

I’m on Beaglebone Black Rev. C with Debian Wheezy and this worked for me:

  1. Install Mac drivers from -
  2. Connect BBB to Mac through USB
  3. On Mac, System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing > Beaglebone Black
  4. System Preferences > Network, make sure BBB is in the left hand side and shows “Connected”
  5. After SSH’ing into the BBB, run “dhclient” (or "dhclient usb0” if that doesn’t work) and then try “ping”.

Hope that works for you.