Debian image and FTD2XX driver can't load

I ref lashed my BeagleBone black to the latest debian image posted on this site. I rebuilt my program I am writing which uses the FTDI driver. I use the arm one for the raspberry pi (same one I used on the Angstrom version of my BBB) and it all built fine (library is in /usr/local/lib). However, it can’t load the library, even if I put it in /usr/lib. On angstrom is all works fine. Any thoughts?

Ok, I noticed in this post " BeagleBone Black: Debian vs Angstrom C++ Executable Issue" I see the same type of error. I am not sure how to fix the hard vs soft float. Is there any instructions on that?

Hello evry one !

I have the same problem and i need a solution. Anyone can help plz !!

Thank you !