Debian image differences for AI64

Hello community!

I was going over this page: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots (ARM64) and I saw there is three debian release variants: minimal, xfce desktop and TI edge AI desktop. What is exactly the difference?
I also see that TI edge AI was actually supposed to be running on TDA4VM SK EVM and that this board is fairly similar to AI64 hardware wise, is the software compatible?


Well the minimal release is exactly what it sounds like. None of the desktop stuff, node red, web server. Takes up around 2G of space.

No idea about the difference between the other two though.

I would imagine most software examples written for the TI EVM board should work on the AI64 as long as they don’t use hardware only available on the TI board. You might need to tweak some things though.

The TI edge AI desktop, contains., xfce +… 8.2.0 of:

our goal is to also ship:

So all the TI Edge ai demos from the SK board running on Yocto, we ship in Debian… :wink: