Debian Jessie (armhf) and wxPython

I tried to use this package on my Beaglebone black with Debian Jessie, but it ran with this error “E: Package ‘python-wxgtk2.8’ has no installation candidate”. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried to google it, but I couldn’t find anything.

Debain (8.x) Jessie has: python-wxgtk3.0

Debian (7.x) Wheezy was the last version with python-wxgtk2.8


I read, hat it is kbackwards incopatible is it true? I need it to use it with Printrun (to control my 3D printer

Dne pondělí 21. března 2016 15:25:00 UTC+1 RobertCNelson napsal(a):

No, you'll need to rebuild your application.. (or just use wheezy, as
both wheezy/jessie are supported)..


I have a bigger question Robert. How do you know which version goes with which release? Is there a web site I could check?


The easy way:

"name" = search term:



wheezy: python-wxgtk2.8

jessie/stretch: python-wxgtk3.0

(ignore sid, python-wxgtk2.8, that's just a package 'left/stuck' in
the repo for one arch)