Debian jessie behavior on ttyO0

I don’t know whether this is a bug, or whether I don’t know how to configure Debian.

I would like ls to be colorized when I sign in as 'root."
So I edit /root/.bashrc to enable color on ls.

On Debian weesie, things worked as I expected, both via SSH and via ttyO0.

On Debian jessie, including 1-27, ls is colorized if I sign in via SSH.
ls is not colorized if I sign in as ‘root’ via ttyO0.

I also note that if I edit Putty to report as a VT100+ terminal,
as Charles Steinkuehler suggested (thanks Charles)
then nano starts using the full terminal screen if
I sign in via SSH, but not if I sign in via ttyO0.

What do I have to do to get ls colorized and nano
to behave on the ttyO0 port?

This is all that I have found on jessie 1-27. It looks
very good, otherwise.

— Graham