debian jessie: device-tree-compiler: upgrade for v4.1.x+ kernel's..

I think it's time we say good bye to that old 3.8.x based kernel, it's
served thing well.. (for jessie+)

What i'm planning to do, push a "device-tree-compiler" package update,
which will break "3.8.x dtbo's" * (and therefore support v4.1.x+) For
building "external" *.dtbo's on target...

3.8.13 users on jessie can still use: to get
the "dtc compiler for 3.8.x"..

This is the first step in packaging the "" repo, and
allow "console" users a small base image and get the v4.1.x overlay

Any last minute thoughts?

* wheezy/trusty users WILL NOT be affected, that will support 3.8.13
till the end of time. Only jessie+ (and therefore xenial)....



When you say it will break building external dtd on target, does that imply that dtd building will need to be done during image builds? Not sure what was meant by that sentence.


Hi Brian,

So right now, we have 2 versions of dtc installed by default..

The current package "device-tree-compiler" -> /usr/bin/dtc

Which only works for 3.8.x based kernel overlay's.. (these *.dtbo
overlays will not load on v4.1.x+ based kernel's due to internal
overlay changes)..

For v4.1.x kernel's we ship a patched dtc at /usr/local/bin/dtc

Which only works on 4.1.x+ kernel's (they won't load on 3.8.x kernel's)

What i want to do, is essentially, remove the old dtc and ship only
the 4.1.x-dtc as "/usr/bin/dtc"

and then package the "".

This only affects users who build a custom *.dtbo on target, there's
nothing stopping you from building on an external machine and copying
over, or using this script:

to add back the "3.8.x-dtc"...


We’ve moved to the 4.1.x kernels in our products so it seems we are largely unaffected. Thanks for the clarification.