Debian netinst with web server

Hello all!

So I want to flash a Debian netinst image to my BBB (rev. B) but I don’t know if it will work. Is it as easy as writing the netinst image to the MicroSD and flashing the emmc like normal? My gut tells me there is more to it thank that because of all the options to select (clock settings, which drive to install to, user and password, etc.). Now, I know the BBB specific Debian image does not require a user to make these selections, you simply insert your MicroSD, hold the button down, apply power, go watch an episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix, and presto, fresh Debian!

So the question, is there something special that has to be done to a Debian netinst image to prepare it for the automatic flashing procedure on the BBB?

Thanks for any info!

Take a look at:

Really, everything but essentials has been hidden away via a preseed
configuration script.

Once you have your microSD freshly created there are other scripts to
move it to eMMC.