Debian or Angstrong?

Hi guys, Im a newbie and I want to use Beagleboard for my graduate
thesis. I want to build a robot which is capable of
1) ball tracking/ face tracking (openCV)
2) Speech synthesis
3) Voice Recognition
Mostly like this . For some
reasons I can't contact the creator so I need to ask for some

First I want to ask which Linux distro should I use on my Beagleboard
xM? Ubuntu, Debian or Angstrong? The creator of that robot used

I don't know which one is easier to setup and use: like which one is
easy to install openCV? (I just know how to setup openCV on ubuntu
lately, still learning linux), are there compatibles applications/
packages in each distro that fill my requirements? processing speed of
each distro: which one is faster?

Sorry for any silly questions, and for my English too, I'm not a
native speaker :smiley:


Ubuntu is not working on the newer boards that use the micron memory.
The ubuntu team is working on it, but no timeframe has been given.

so how about Debian vs Angstrom? which one u use?

Both have newer Kernels so that is not an issue. What are you going
to use for VR and Synthesis? I would look at those sites and see what
they recommend. I am assuming that you will be developing code in QT
or Python; so either one will do that.