Debian Terminal

I want to connect the BBB-wireless to the wlan rooter. For that reason I have to type at the terminal the following commandline : connmanctl> connect wifi_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_managed_psk. The xxxxxxx has so many characters, that the active inputline is too short and a CR is performed, but no new line is generated. That’s why the beginning of the commandline is overwritten with the end of the command. Is there a way to tell the Terminal also to perform a new line?

What "Terminal" -- or to be more explicit... How are you connected to
the Beagle, and what exactly are you running on?

  In my experience PuTTY does line wrapping when entering long commands

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Last login: Sun Jun 28 13:48:13 2020 from fe80::c932:bd85:577:9922%eth0
debian@beaglebone:~$ this is a long bit of junk being entered at the
command prompt in a PuTTY session on Win10... Note that it wrapped cleanly.

{Not really useful -- the news client is wrapping text to, but the text
copied from PuTTY doesn't embed the wrap points... The actual PuTTY window
wrapped as

... at the comman
d prompt...

  Cloud9 IDE
debian@beaglebone:/var/lib/cloud9$ And a sample line entered via the bash
tab of the cloud9 IDE; which, in my browser is a much wider window only
wrapping at "window only"