debian testing: 2017-03-12


I just pushed out another round of images for testing, this time we
have a new decicated u-boot overlay image.

Big changes...

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.. No external driver required (network interface
thanks to David and Jason)

While 7 needs a usb-cdm driver (built-in 8/8.1/10)

WinXP, sorry, it's EOL...

U-Boot Overlays:

Here are the current supported confict capes: (aka they need
hdmi/emmc/etc to be disabled)


don't see your cape on the conflict list, time to test...

Here is the /boot/uEnv.txt options for U-Boot overlays if your cape
doesn't have an eeprom:\

and yes, this image, ssh over root is now disabled, to re-enable see:



heh, i like the hash tag for the last link.

Would you say that these images to the best of your knowledge are stable enough to test on a “production” system? e.g. a test system that is looking towards production. I wouldn’t mind testing, but I do have work to complete as well. What we’re using is mostly I2C( perhaps I2C1 or the unused bus ), and the rest would be standard Debian / Linux utilities, with some custom software tossed in. Mostly shell script, with a sprinkling of golang + C.

Yeah, we are back to being more stable again.. The Windows Driver
"patch" required lots of changes behind the scenes to now deal with
the "dual" usb-ethernet adapters.


OK, cool.So what I should be able to test over the next month or hopefully
sooner is:

   - i2c-1 - multiple devices on the bus
   - ds3232 real-time clock.
   - Cape eeprom's
   - D20B18 one-wire temp sensor
   - the beaglebone's ADC, 2 channels.
   - *Maybe* PWM
   - uboot overlays for all of the above.
   - At some point I may need to rewrite, or changed the existing PMIC /
   battery capabilities through acpid - I could use a link to the beaglebone
   source for this package by the way. Which I should be able to contribute

Various other mechanisms such as systemd services / timers etc. Which I
doubt would have and flaws.

Is the overlay you're loading for all the stock stuff at boot still done
through the generic-overlay service ? I really need to disable all the USB
gadget stuff, as it can conflict with some of our systems which run a 3G/4G
modem over USB.

Yeah, just:

sudo systemctl disable generic-board-startup.service

and then the usb gadget won't load.


Yeah,sorry about that, had overlays on the mind, and couldn’t find my workflow file easily to remember the name of the service.