Debian Update/Upgrade Problem - Cloud9 Service is stopped - What Next?

Hi All,

I just received my BeagleBone Blue board, which I plan to use controlling a variety of drones and rovers using ArduPilot.

I easily managed to get my computer to connect via WiFi to the board, and then the board to Internet.

Next, I launched the Debian update/upgrade process and that’s were the events kind of ran off the script.

Towards the very end of the process, after Winston finishes installing with its components, I get the message “c9-core-installer: Stopping: cloud9.service”. A yellow window then appears at the top of the Cloud9 page with a countdown to a reconnection attempt and the command window fades. Right now, th Cloud9 IDE client is attempting to reconnect every 60 seconds, with no success.

The first time around, I wait a while and with absolutely nothing happening, I decided to reboot the card. Everything comes back to an apparently normal operating state, except that the Cloud9 IDE remains impossible to access (I presume the service never got restarted).

I then proceed to build a SD boot disk and I restart the whole Debian Update/Upgrade process, with the exact same result. This time, I decided to let the processor run, hoping that the Update/Upgrade process will restart the Cloud9 IDE service automatically before completing the process.

The BeagleBone startup web page is showing the processor running and Debian having been upgraded to BoneScript 0.6.1.

What must I do to get the Cloud9 service restarted?

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas,

A simple "ctrl-r" should do the trick, but depending on the previous
version of cloud9, you might just have to reboot the board.

ps, you can grab newer images, which have the latest cloud9 and
ardupilot pre installed:


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the answers.

Am I right assuming image

would be the best for the BeagleBone Blue?