Debugger Listening on Port 15454?

I have been trying to run a JavaScript file on the BeagleBone Black (Cayenne radar module) and I keep getting the message

Debugger Listening on Port 15454

when I run the js file on the cloud9 ide, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

This is not enough information to answer your question.

What is the source of the js file ? If possible share its contents.

JS can run on server as well as client. If you plan to run it on BBB with an output of Debugger listen… its most probably a serverside (NodeJS) file. How are you running it through Cloud9 ? Describe your steps, maybe attach screenshot. What output are you expecting ?

This is the code:

var http = require(‘http’);
var serialport = require(’/var/lib/cloud9/examples/node_modules/serialport’);
var nmea = require(’/var/lib/cloud9/examples/node_modules/nmea’);
var fs = require(‘fs’);

var port = new serialport(’/dev/tty1’, {
baudrate: 115200,
parser: serialport.parsers.readline(’\r\n’)});

var stream = fs.createWriteStream(’/tmp/out’);

stream.once(‘open’, function(fd) {

// Not every line of data results in a successful parse
if (nmea.parse(data)) {
var loc = nmea.parse(data);
} else return;

// Match first NMEA GSV string
if (loc.type === ‘satellite-list-partial’) {
if (loc.msgNum === 1) {
stream.write("satsInView: " + loc.satsInView + ‘\n’);
var ids = ‘’;
for (var i=0; i < loc.satellites.length; i++) {
ids += loc.satellites[i].id + ‘,’;
stream.write(“Sats:” + ids + ‘\n’);
// Match NMEA GGA string
if (loc.type === ‘fix’) {
stream.write(loc.latPole + + " " + loc.lonPole + loc.lon + ‘\n’);

// Convert ddmm.mmmm to degrees decimal
var deg =,2);
var min =;
var d = parseFloat(deg) + parseFloat(min);

// Convert dddmm.mmmm to degrees decimal
var deg = loc.lon.toString().slice(0,3);
var min = loc.lon.toString().slice(3)/60;
var e = parseFloat(deg) + parseFloat(min);

stream.write(d.toFixed(4) + “, -” + e.toFixed(4) + “\n”);

here is the screenshot:

So it is infact running from Cloud9.

The debugger is running at port 15454 is the default message from the Cloud9 NodeJS runner. Nothing wrong with this so far. It is not printing anything after that. It means that there is not syntactical error, but there could be a semantical error. i.e. either stream.once is not being able to open the stream or the serialport is not sending any data.

There are a few ways to try to remedy it, if infact it is a NodeJS issue. There is a very big chance that your sensor wiring is incorrect, or any of the other million things that can be wrong with the hardware. We will get to that if this doesnt work.

Try using console.log to print out the variables, or states of system. Use breakpoint, pause the execution and watch the values in your variables. Also, have a error catching mechanism like described here:

This way when any of your stream.once or port.on(‘data’ give an error, you would know, rather than this silent treatment by the runner.

Start from scratch, reconnect all wires, read all specs to see that they are in-sync, and then try again. And repeat.