Debugging with CCs V6.2 / TI XDS100v2 USB failed becuase of Address 0x80000000

I am new with BBB but I have enough experience with CCS and ARM and other processors .
I have created the project with C++ ,GNU Compiler and Linker also is attached to my project .
Here is my problem :

M3_wakeupSS: File Loader: Verification failed: Values at address 0x80000000 do not match Please verify target memory and memory map. (Note: I can uncheck the fast verification, But that is not the right solution )

M3_wakeupSS: GEL: File: …\workspace_v6_2\RSM_1\Debug\RSM_1.out: a data verification error occurred, file load failed.

I don’t see any option on project properties for BBB setting to select the start debugging address.
By the way if it is not 0x80000000 ! what is the number ?

Thanks in advance
Ashkan Golestani

If you are trying to do bare bone development, then Starterware has a custom MLO, u-boot and GEL files necessary to configure DDR memory. Clearly the BBB DDR hasn’t been configured and that is why you are getting this error.


Thanks for quick reply .Using the BBB is too complicated than I expected . Thanks again for info . I’ll post to this chain if I had more issue with those packages!