As an FYI, if any of your are going to DEFCON, I will be giving two talks, one related to the BBB, and one to the CatchWire (formerly LUNA) that is essentially a customized BBB with two gigabit Ethernet ports.

The BBB talk is this one and the CatchWire talk is

We will also be giving away 2 CatchWires each with a copy of my Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices and my (new) Linux Forensics books. You can register to win these at the PentesterAcademy booth.

I’m also hoping to release version 2.1 of The Deck Linux at DEFCON for the BBB and a custom edition of Deck Linux for the CatchWire.

I'm still back-and-forth on going to DEFCON. Any additional bait to
convince me I should go?

4 days in Vegas at the world’s largest hacker con for $230. Something for everyone. Bigger than ever this year with villages for hardware hacking, crypto, lock picking, wireless, and probably some I forgot. Parties every night with great performers.

In addition to my two talks, I’ll be demoing the BBB and CatchWire at the first ever DEFCON Demo Labs this year. We will also be giving away some stuff from WAW Technologies including two gift boxes worth more than $500 each with:

A CatchWire appliance and all accessories

XBee radios

XBee USB adapters

32GB microSD running a special version of The Deck Linux

My “Hacking & Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices” book and

an early release of my “Linux Forensics” book.

I do have some no-wait tickets available at face value for anyone not wanting to wait in line with 15,000 people. Just e-mail me off the list.