Developing for BeagleBone Black

I’m new to BeagleBone Black (not new to programming, Linux). I was wondering which programming to use for developing IoT/M2M applications on the BeagleBone Black (e.g. serial communication with e.g. Arduino’s, communication to message brokers, …). I was thinking to make a choice between Python, Lua, C (however very low-level) or Java? Today I have experience with C# and a little bit of C, but I’m open to learning something new.

Any suggestions more than welcome?


Using Python – along with the Adafruit BBIO Python library – works quite well, and gives you all the development power of Python and associated native and third party libraries. Lighter weight than Java or C++, much higher level than C. I can’t speak to Lua (no experience with it).

Easy to get things running, and seems to run well under Angstrom.

Do we know if the adafruit library works on the new debian distro from Robert.

I guess that comes bundled with debian by default. I have build some custom debian images using scripts provided by Robert and have noticed them getting included in the image.


Well, it depends a lot on specifically what you want to do. I have done a couple projects on the older Beagle Board,
and recently, one on the Bone Black. For that one I used Glade to develop a GUI page, and then built the back
end with c that controls the hardware. I used mmap to access the GPIO pins.

This has worked very well for me.