Developing software for Angstrom on ARM (pref. Xcode)??


I'm busy quite some time to find my preferred setup to develop
(Java / ) C++ software for Angstrom on ARM. This might be a bit off
topic here, but never the less, this community it the closest i could

How do you develop (Java / ) C++ software for Angstrom?? I found three
solutions that all didnt worked out so far in the end.

a) Net-beans remote. Mounting the Angstrom machines filesystem over
the internet and use its compiler directly within Netbeans (remote).
Could get it work on Linux, but not OSX.
b) Eclipse using CodeSourcery's compiler but get weirdest compiler
c) Installing ARM gcc but struggle to implement Target Rule script in

I might be a bit braindead by now, but none approach brought me closer
to my goal, developing C++ for Angstrom on ARM in Xcode.

Any suggestions? Links..?


I think most people use openembedded on a gnu os machine, a cross
compiler on a gnu os machine or local gcc for small projects. I would
personally use emacs but that's just me. For java i'd just use
netbeans or whatever on a pc and scp it over or use nfs to test it.