Development Systems for Beagle Board


I would like to pruchase a beagle board for doing DSP development. I
am familiar with
CCS and would like to use something like that IDE for my novice level
work with the beagle.

I would like to know what are the best options for IDE as well as a
debugger (low cost) but spectrum
digital's are too expensive. I would like to pay no more that $100, if

What options are there for low cost DSP development software tools for
this platform as well as debugger?

If these are too costly, what non-intgerated solutions can be offered
(from TI) which are the 'best'.

Thaks for your support on this matter. An Omap newbie.

If you are serious about doing DSP development, I’d encourage you to purchase the Spectrum Digital solutions, moving up to an XDS560-class emulator/debugger (SD has those too), or even one of the Lauterbach systems.

At the $100 level, you can get a DSP debugger: the XDS100 [1]. For software, you have a few options, but I’d recommend getting the Beta of CCSv4 [2]. When it comes out of Beta, you will still be enabled to use that software with your BeagleBoard and XDS100 without being charged.

The penalty for going cheap is that there isn’t much support yet. You’d need to find your own way a bit. It is on the to-do list for someone to create a wiki-page how-to article on configuring the system and bringing it up. It is known to work, but that documentation is not yet in place. If you know someone experienced in the ways of the TI tools, you’ll probably be able to figure it out. Otherwise, getting a bunch of follow-up e-mails on this thread showing that there is really demand will help raise this in the community priorities.

Personally, I’m pushing for more software examples rather than debugging examples right now [3]. I’m not happy with the complexity level of this example right now and I know it can be much easier and include CIO support.