Development with Eclipse and Remote Debugging

  Has anyone been successful with using Eclipse[1] on the host
computer to develop for the Beagle? I had it working last yea, but
now I only have it almost working. Me setup is at [2].

I'm able to cross-compile on my host an automatically download the
executable to the Beagle. However get an error before it does a chmod
on the executable on the Beagle. (Error during file upload.
Operation failed. File system input or output error.)

Does anyone know how to fix this?



i am also facing same problem
can anyone please help me out to resolve this problem ??

I don’t yet have a BB but I am doing cross compilation for the RPi. I don’t need to chmod and I don’t see any reference to chmod on the instructions you linked to ([2]). On my Debian VM I can create the source, compile, copy it to the RPi and execute it from the terminal…all in Eclipse. I don’t need to do chmod during this workflow.

I am hoping the same procedure will work when I get my BB Blue.

I am however not able to get remote debugging working. I haven’t spent enough time on this and so my debugging is limited to inserting printf statements. It’s very inefficient. I’ve got to spend time to get remote debugging working.

To setup my computer I used the procedure in Derek Malloy’s book “Exploring the Raspberry Pi”. I have recently purchased “Exploring BeagleBone” and it has a similar but not identical procedure. Both of those books are really excellent. They contain a wealth of information about embedded linux programming on those devices. You might consider purchasing his BB book and see if it helps.

He also has a youtube video that may help you… Cross Compilation for BB and his youtube channel has a lot of other very informative videos.

I followed his steps but I’m still not able to remote debug. I’m pretty sure I misunderstood one of his steps…or maybe the procedure changed due to a Debian or Eclipse update. Whatever, I’m certain I will get it working when I get time to spend on it.


A lot has happened in 7 years. I’ve moved from Eclipse on the host to running Cloud 9 on the Bone. It’s as easy as pointing the browser on your host to and Cloud 9 appears. The Bone is fast enough for the small (and some not so small) compiles that I do.

My first thought was that a web-based IDE must be sluggish, but I was wrong, it very responsive. In fact I wrote most of the BeagleBone Cookbook using Cloud 9.


There are many way to build a development environment. Me, I just compile on the beaglebone directly, and if I need anything “big” compiled, I have an ODROID XU4 - Octa core 2G ram. I’ve only ever needed to use a debugger once, and not for these platforms. If I did however, I’d use gdb, and perhaps if I needed remote debugging, gdb-server, or the like