Device Control Clock

I have done some searching and I know I need to do more investigation. I am working on the design of an embedded system that talks to a custom interface on an exiting peripheral. I am trying to sort out a bunch of issues, at this point I am overwhelmed with choices so i figured I could maybe shortcut a point that might reduce the investigation effort, at least for a short period.

I am looking to figure out if the beaglebone black brings out a clock pin that would synchronize the pru with the external device? I have read that if this functionality is needed then one of the pru processor has to be used to generate the clock thereby reducing the application to use a single pru for it’s functionality.

The question is: Does the beaglebone black output a clock on any of the output pins?

if it does, can you point me to a place to understand how to use it?

Thank you.