Device Tree for GPS Referenced BBB with PPS generator

Hello All,

I am struggling trying to merge a few creative tasks that I have used the BBB for. Namely, I am trying to have a Beagle Bone Black as a GPS referenced time device that provides a 1 PPS from the device itself. The 1 PPS from the device should correspond with UTC second start.

I followed a guide to learn how to incorporate GPS time with Chrony to better the NTP/SNTP/PTP that a BBB may provide. Thanks forum users @Thomas @RobertCNelson for this guide.

I found some open source code ( jsln/pps-ge/n-gpio: Linux kernel PPS generator using GPIO pins ( ) that appears to accomplish what I would need. A 1 PPS generator. I attempted to merge both of these workstreams; and I have little to no confidence in what I managed. I broke my GPS receiver’s PPS input when editing dts and rebuilding. Is it possible to add the PPS gen information into the dts of the 1pps input?

Would it be possible to run the pps-gen off of the Beagle’s PRU? How would I accomplish that? (I ask because I think a real time generator would be better than linux?, but I am a novice with many of these things still and hope to learn).


Additional Information Edit:

Using GPSD and Chrony for time sync.
I have an adafruit gps device.
How would I develop a widget / module that could generate a 1 PPS over the GPIO (I believe p9 14 is the IO I want to use since it is PWM). Further, how could i port this onto a PRU?
DM’s are open for help and suggestion :smiley: