Device tree for HDMI and HDMI-Audio

Can someone point me to the source code for the HDMI and HDMI-Audio device trees?

I’ve run into an odd situation where when booting Ubuntu under the latest Robert Nelson 3.8 kernel, the HDMI-Audio device tree fails to load when the BBB is plugged into the ethernet network at bootup. I seem to get a complaint about the pin for the clock already being in use - which makes sense since I believe the ethernet interface also requires that same clock and probably enables it. I was thinking I could test my theory by dropping that pin from the source and compiling a new DTBO to test - but I can’t find the sourcecode for that one.

Ethernet does not share clocks with HDMI.or Audio. It may be the fact that the system clock is not set and it sees that there is a difference with the network and comes up in a sleep mode. Hit the keyboard and it wakes up and HDMI comes back…