Device Tree Tool - Project Discussion


I’m working on Generic Device tree Creator project (BTW, still waiting for GSOC Results)

i want to achieve best way to work with Device Tree Files So, check the following ideas

  1. just graphical editing of dts file
    Display Modules defined inside the loaded DTS file and its properties
    like: freescale tool

  1. Mix between Tree and GUI
  • tool will read dts file and display the tree
  • Modules Configured using Properties window
  • pins configured by click on each pin and select its function

  1. Full GUI
  • there is xml file which describe the board and its parameters and ocps
  • All Modules and Board Expansion Ports are displayed on GUI
  • user will click on each module to set its properties
  • user will see tree which has all available modules defined in xml
  • default value for each parameter will be “” which will not be exported in the dts file

So, this is my ideas now

waiting for your feedback, ideas, features

Thank you very much :slight_smile: