DevKit8000 and 1366x768 DVI resolution

Hi all,

Recently I bought devkit8000 (which I regret already - I should have
buy BB). It was shipped with linux-2.6.28-omap.

I use DVI and LCD TV as display. After some efforts I managed to
achieve 1280x720@60 (720p60) mode at my TV (I enabled DSI support).
Without DSI there was 58Hz instead 60Hz and my TV didn't feel
comfortable with such signal :frowning:

Now I have Angstrom login (penguin is here too) but image is 2-3
pixels shifted left. It's not a big problem, however it looks bad :frowning:

My TV has native resolution 1366x768 (Samsung LE32A300). I checked
omapfb-main.c and there is no such mode available. I tried
1366x768MR-24@60 and 1366x768MR-24@60 but it seems that these modes
are ignored by kernel and 1280x720 is used.

Do you people have any successes with 1366x768 on BB or DevKit8000?
How can I enable it?

Sorry if I repeat this question

Thanks and kind regards