Devkit8000 DSS LCD


I am attempting to integrate the 7inch LCD and the Devkit8000 with the
beagleboard Android distribution

I have applied the patch from this discussion

and was able to get the devkit8000 running, and using the DVI output

After reading this page;a=blob;f=Documentation/arm/OMAP/DSS;h=9e902a2c3c51ac47a6ab0ac7e236e928ac390f22;hb=refs/heads/android-omap-2.6.29

I am surmising that the default dk8k android implementation did not
utilize dss. I am working on porting over the lcd.

The files that I have found of interest are:

(note: dk8kDefaultKernel refers to the compilable kernel that was
shipped with dk8k and beagleKernel refers to the most recent beagle
board kernel)

//declaration of platform device

//video modes are declared here

//lcd specific defines and functions

//configuration of the dss displays

Particularily I am using the three above files to create a new
omap_dss_display_config within the #ifdef CONFIG_MACH_OMAP3_DEVKIT8000
(in the beagleKernel/arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c file)

static struct omap_dss_display_config devkit8000_display_data_lcd = {
.type = OMAP_DISPLAY_TYPE_DPI, /*parallel display, I found this in the
.name = "lcd",
.panel_name = omap3devkit9100_panel,
.u.dpi.data_lines = 24,
.panel_enable = //function name
.panel_disable = //function name

I think I need to write my own omap_display device

Has anyone had any experience with this?


Can you release your modify for temporary to use devkit8000 with 7inch
LCD in kernel 2.6.29?