Devkit8000 not booting from SDCard

HI all,

I am using Devkit8000 board for the past one year.
It had prebuilt images flashed in NAND.
I was booting my board using kernel over tftp boot and root file system over nfs.

But yesterday when i switch on the board there was no output in cutecom.
I repeatedly checked the serial port connection everything was fine.

I tried to boot the board from SDCARD by pressing boot key but it is not working.
How to boot the board if the NAND was erased or fault.
If anyone has booted from SDCARD using BOOT key guide me or give steps to boot the board

Thanks & Regards

Just hold the BOOT key (hope it’s the same with the USER button on the original BB) and press the Reset button. Release the Boot button after you see the u-boot prompt. Don’t forget to have a properly loaded SD card