dht22 Temp/RH Sensor on BBB

I have a Adsong dht22 (am2302) sensor that I would like to use on BBB. I used C many years ago so I am pretty rusty with that. After trying many code samples, I have not been able to come with with a working sensor. What language/code would be best to use with BBB for a dht22 sensor? Would bone script be better? Would it be better to use i2c, analog, or other types of sensors instead with BBB (I need temp and RH)? Any suggestions and links to working code would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

The datasheet shows how the am2302 works. It is a 1 wire device which actually can be pretty easy to program. I did some of this with dallas sensors on an arduino a long time ago. (dallas uses a different format).

Any language that can access the gpio ports on the BBB can be used. My preference for applications that are not time critical is python because C gives me hives. (okay just kidding, I just like python for easy stuff).

Adafruit has a tutorial for raspberry pi in python. You should be able to adapt it easily to the BBB.

I meant to include the datasheet link

always start with the datasheet.