Did I forget to configure a certain item in the kernel?


on my BBB runs Gentoo Linux with Robert Nelsons kernel 3.8.13.



there are virtual files which shows the current configuration of
the gpio pins.

But it seems, that there is something missing...

beagleboneblack:pinctrl/44e10800.pinmux>head gpio-ranges
GPIO ranges handled:

beagleboneblack:pinctrl/44e10800.pinmux>head pinconf-pins
Pin config settings per pin
Format: pin (name): configs
pin 0 (44e10800):
pin 1 (44e10804):
pin 2 (44e10808):
pin 3 (44e1080c):
pin 4 (44e10810):
pin 5 (44e10814):
pin 6 (44e10818):
pin 7 (44e1081c):

For this two files there is a ':' which follows nothing.

Is this ok? Or is there any CONFIG_* missing in my kernel setup?

Best regards,