Did my Beaglebone Black died completely?

I got a Beaglebone Black from Adafruit last Friday, have it for a couple days, but I think it’s dead now.
On arrival, the ssh and everything work fine, however, the hdmi port does not work.
I verified this later with another Beaglebone Black that arrived which work on the same equipment.

Just today, I was doing some prototyping work, remove the BBB usb from computer while leaving it run on DC power.
After a couple minutes, I found that the all LED on the board is off. I tried rebooting, nothing happen.
The power LED only give me 1 blink when I press the power button / plug in power, then nothing.

Maybe I corrupted the memory?
So I try to flash a new OS with a microSD card, plug in power while holding the boot button.
No luck with that either. It wouldn’t even start the flashing process.
It just give me one blink in the power LED and that’s it.

So is my Beaglebone officially dead? =(
Kinda a bad first experience with the product…

Request an RMA and get it replaced. http://www.elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack#RMA_Support

Most likely during your prototype work you popped a processor pin. The processor is consuming too much current an the PMIC is shutting down.


Ok Thanks, I will request a RMA. How do I prevent that from happening again?



Oh, by prototyping work, I mean plugging in a usb device and writing python code to interface with it. That device is powered by a 5V Electronic Speed Controller. I didn’t use any of the IO pins. Do this cause a problem too?

It can if you have ESD issues. Not exactly sure what a 5V Electronic Speed controller is. That could also be an issue.