Difference between arm-linux-gcc and arm-none-linux-gnuebi-gcc


While compiling various files from source, I have come across two compilers -
arm-none-linux-gnueabit-gcc and arm-linux-gcc?
What is the difference between the two compilers?
Are they both cross-compilers for the ARM architecture? Are they the same (identical) compilers or do they have very different functions?

I presently have arm-none-linux-gnuebi-gcc (from CodeSorcery site) as we as arm-linux-gcc (version 3.3.2) installed. Will having installed them both cause any problems in the building of a kernel/uImage/modules etc? Are both cross-compilers necessary, or can we create some sort of link that will use the same compiler, irrespective of which cross-compiler is called?

I apologize if the question is extremely basic/trivial, but I have just begun using the BeagleBoard and my knowledge of cross-compiling to different architectures is still very basic.


Hi Kedar!

There is a nice article, in which the speed of codes compiled with different ARM compilers is compared.


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Hi Sebastian,

So, they are two independent (different) compilers?

Will having both compilers installed on my system compromise the code in any way, due to some sort of compatibility problems or so?