differences between white and black

If someone assembled a beaglebone black but left off the eMMC and HDMI framer chips what would the differences be between that and the beaglebone white? (other than the white has usb serial and usb jtag which the black lacks)



DDR3L? PMIC configuration?


ok, so faster processor and memory and a few tweaks on the power path (that allow for and enable faster memory). anything else? sounds like an inexpensive high-performance version of the white could be build cheaply by leaving parts unpopulated on the black. The usb serial chip isn’t really necessary since the software enhancements now make it show up as a usb “gadget”. Kinda wondering what the white offers that the black with no framer or eMMC would not?


The white's am335x has more errata. :wink:


The white has an in system JTAG debugger. Made those kernel panics while writing the eQEP driver much easier to debug =P

  • Nathaniel Lewis