Digi-Key Rev warning

As soon as I heard that Rev C was available from Digi-Key I went ahead
and ordered it. It just arrived this afternoon and the invoice says
its a BeagleBoard Rev C - but it's actually a RevB7. I'd suggest
everyone checks their own when they get it. Now I have to go through
the annoyance of convincing Digi-Key that they sent me the wrong part,
sending it back internationally, and then, hopefully, getting a
correct replacement.


It will be easy to convince them. They already know about the issue.


Almost - the Digi-Key customer service rep (who, by the way, was the
friendliest and nicest service rep I've ever talk too), said she got a
note back from the warehouse saying that the B7 boards had been
reworked to be the same as the C2 boards. When I mentioned that the
board was missing the LCD headers and the EHCI USB port (not even
mentioning the other changes), she agreed to send me out a new board
this evening (so I'll probably get it on Tuesday/Wednesday).

I'm not really blaming Digi-Key - accidents happen - and their
customer service is _very_ good. Sounds like just a


I think I will pass on the urge to say what I want to say.


I too received a B7 board instead of a C2.

And someone may know about the issue, but it is NOT Digi-Key's
customer service department. While the lady I talked to was nice, she
said that she did know about the issue, and that she had to talk to
the warehouse and a product manager before approving a return. She
also stated that they were out of stock and that it would be a long
time before they received new stock, and then asked if that was okay.
I replied that I had heard from TI that Digi-Key will be receiving a
1,000 boards in the next few weeks, and that I could wait.

Now I'm just waiting on Digi-Key to approve the return or tell me that
the B7 I received is really a C2. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Digi-Key's customer service department does know about the issue,
then what they are doing is sleazy!


i was lucky enough to get a C2 but it should be easy to justify a
return -- what does it say on your digi-key invoice? mine clearly
says, "KIT DEV BEAGLE BOARD REV C", and that's what i got. if yours
also says that but you got a B7 board, then you didn't get what you
ordered, plain and simple. and a return should be automatic.


I received the B7 as well. My experience with Digi-Key has been
positive so far. They simply asked how soon I wanted the replacement
board. When I said asap they said they could have it to me day after
tomorrow given availability from the warehouse. So I'll wait to see
what arrives before passing judgment. Seems to me that this is a
mistake on their part that they've acknowledged and are trying to put
right. Not an unusual situation for early adopters - this is mild
compared to some - just check out what the openpandora folks are going
through to get the first pandora's.

- Bala

Preston Wilson wrote:

Exact same experience here. I just got my new "Rev C" today and it
turned out to be a B7. They told me I should get the replacement by
Friday. They said they hadn't flushed the warehouse completely and
some B7's got accidentally shipped as C2's. Sounds believable. They
were very cool about it and thats about all I can ask for.


Digi-Key approved my return this morning, and shipped the Rev C board
this evening ... albeit via ground, so I will receive it about this
time next week. I think I got the customer service rep that was nice
to talk to, but was not fast about ... anything.


I guess I got lucky... Just received a Rev C2 board ordered the same
day Rev C became available (3/26).