Digikey will not ship Beagleboard xM to Malaysia

I ordered a Beagleboard xM from Digikey but they refused to ship it
citing export policy. Perhaps a note on http://beagleboard.org to warn
off other unwary users will be helpful.

Funny thing is, I can get Beagleboard xM in Malaysia from Farnell
(http://my.farnell.com order code 1823269) without fuss.

The US government exports F/A 18 fighter-bombers to Malaysia. Intel,
Motorola(now Freescale) , and Altera have substantial CPU assembly
operations in Malaysia, so I am one puzzled Digikey former custom

Please see enclosed Digikey rejection below.

Thank you.

CM Heong

Follows email produced verbatim:

  from Alli Hauert <alli.hauert@digikey.com>
to CM.HEONG@gmail.com
date Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 12:45 AM
subject Digi-Key sales order 27939089.
mailed-by digikey.com

hide details 12:45 AM (9 hours ago)


Thank you for your order with Digi-Key! We apologize, however the
products (1 pieces of part number 296-25798-ND) are currently under
review with our export management and at this time cannot be
exported. Unfortunately we do not have a date at this time when and
if they can be exported. Would you like to continue to wait for the
product, or would you like to cancel your order? Thanks.

Best regards,

Alli Hauert
International Customer Service Rep
Digi-Key Corporation
Phone: 1-800-858-3616 Ext 2064
Email: international.customerservice@digikey.com

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are not the intended recipient or otherwise have received this message
in error, please notify us immediately, destroy any paper copies and
delete all electronic files of the message.
Thank you. Digi-Key Corporation.

Yes, We know this. As I have stated there was an issue with the CCAT from the US Government. This issue was resolved approximately 10 hours ago. It will take a few days to get this processed through the DigiKey’s internal systems. Once this is done they will be able to ship the boards out of the US.

We are sorry that the government messed up, but unfortunately, it is not the first time.


Hehh, I am ordering from element14 under company account for commercial usage and they are asking for ridiculous clarification.

I have written my experience here. http://tech.yeesiang.com/ordering-beagleboard-from-element14-singapore/

Umm, export laws are laws.. Unless you are explicit, no company is
going to risk breaking export laws for the profit on one board.