Direct Read Data with DSP without buffer?

is it possible to read data with the DSP without buffers like in the
DSPlink samples?

I have an continouse datastream on which the DSP have to calculate
things and give the result back to the ARM core.
I have build this with RingIO and readwrite sample from DSPlink but
the performance wasn't good. When I only lets do it by the arm-core it
is faster, because the streaming from arm to dsp over the buffer in
the samples isn't so fast.


PS: Sorry for my bad english

    It might be a good move to post dsplink related questions in the
texas instruments e2e community BIOS forum. Here is the link.

I am experiencing the same slow transfer speeds between the two
processors. And reading information from the DSP is 10 times slower
than writing information to the DSP. However, that doesn't mean that
it is normal.... I might just mean that I am screwing it up...


Thanks, I have asked there:

So it is normal. Now I'm trying other methods.