Disable GUI on debian image

I’d like to completely disable the GUI, but in the simplest way possible. It is used as a headless device and doesn’t need those resources sucked up.

I have successfully disabled it, but I feel my procedure is breaking things behind the scenes. All I am doing is:

apt-get remove lightdm

In retrospect, perhaps purge would be better.

Can anyone see holes in the method, or recommend a better method?



apt-get autoremove is probably what you’re after, but you can also apt-get remove --purge to remove the debs too.

That page seems to be a fairly decent reference for every day APT usage, however for the BBB avoid apt-get upgrade, and apt-get dist-upgrade.

For more than every day usage , there is a lot to APT. For instance you can even rate limit downloads via apt, with a few choice flags. Google is your friend here, and when in doubt . . . well its best to create a Debian VM and experiment Things for the most part should be the same. Package availability however will be different. x86 has far more available packages.

I should also add as a constant tinkerer, I have noticed that apt-get remove / autoremove --purge will not completely remove all deps. Perhaps aptitude does a better job, but personally I prefer to use only one package manager Although I think that aptitude is basically just an extension of APT. A very good one fom what I understand though.

If you’re really anal about what is installed on your headless ( whatever ), it would be best to use Robert’s barefs image, and install only what you want.