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I have noticed some vendors saying the Pocket Beagle and BBB have been discontinued.
Is this true or just the supply chain issue everyone is having?

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Hi @mackrackit , these have not been discontinued.

Stop spreading FUD: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Wikipedia

Digi-Key just got in a shippment of BBB’s last week from Seeed: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/beagleboard-by-seeed-studio/102110420/12719590


Asking a question is spreading FUD???

This is why I was asking

Do you know where I can purchase a Pocket Beagle?

That’s another issue… AVNET(and thus Newark) and TI had a falling out: TI Ends Avnet Distribution Relationship - Disti Blog

PocketBeagle’s are still manufactured by Seeed… They require a second step as Octavo needs waffers from TI to assemble the module…


Great!! I thank you for the information.

I used around twenty Pockets last year and when I went to purchase more I ran into what cause me to ask the question.

Thank you again for the help.

I’ve been in a similar boat and just received this email back from SEEED

So they’re not manufacturing pocketbeagles anymore…

Thank you for the information kurtlamm.

Both Seeed and GHI are producing PocketBeagle and BeagleBone Black. Demand has skyrocketed and supply has not kept up. Sometimes, distributers have confused things when switching manufacturers, such as away from Avnet and between Seeed and GHI.

As for the response from Seeed, we will contact and get you a corrected reply. They ARE actively making more boards. Some have recently shipped and more will ship soon.

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That is very good news. Thank you Mr. Kridner!

Can confirm. Just got an email clarifying things and product is NOT EOL. Just demand is causing shortages. Pocketbeagle is still being manufactured by SEEED.

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