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I have noticed some vendors saying the Pocket Beagle and BBB have been discontinued.
Is this true or just the supply chain issue everyone is having?

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Hi @mackrackit , these have not been discontinued.

Stop spreading FUD: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Wikipedia

Digi-Key just got in a shippment of BBB’s last week from Seeed: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/beagleboard-by-seeed-studio/102110420/12719590


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Asking a question is spreading FUD???

This is why I was asking

Do you know where I can purchase a Pocket Beagle?

That’s another issue… AVNET(and thus Newark) and TI had a falling out: TI Ends Avnet Distribution Relationship - Disti Blog

PocketBeagle’s are still manufactured by Seeed… They require a second step as Octavo needs waffers from TI to assemble the module…


Great!! I thank you for the information.

I used around twenty Pockets last year and when I went to purchase more I ran into what cause me to ask the question.

Thank you again for the help.

I’ve been in a similar boat and just received this email back from SEEED

So they’re not manufacturing pocketbeagles anymore…

Thank you for the information kurtlamm.

Both Seeed and GHI are producing PocketBeagle and BeagleBone Black. Demand has skyrocketed and supply has not kept up. Sometimes, distributers have confused things when switching manufacturers, such as away from Avnet and between Seeed and GHI.

As for the response from Seeed, we will contact and get you a corrected reply. They ARE actively making more boards. Some have recently shipped and more will ship soon.

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That is very good news. Thank you Mr. Kridner!

Can confirm. Just got an email clarifying things and product is NOT EOL. Just demand is causing shortages. Pocketbeagle is still being manufactured by SEEED.


may/june 2022 and tough to get pocket beagles now :frowning:

i understand the anti-fud reaction, but please see it from the other side too - when they are hard/impossible to get, one has to wonder if they are ever coming back.

@red the OSD335x used on the PocketBeagle has a lot of components that need to be sourced to build every SIP. The Semiconductor shortage is still on-going…


Monthly demand is still outpacing supply by about 10X right now. We are trying to keep as regular deliveries as we can, but, unfortunately, whatever does show up is consumed quickly. This imbalance will eventually be corrected as more supply starts shipping.

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Thanks for the updates guys, definitely appreciated.

Authorized distributors don’t appear to be limiting purchases to individuals. I watched as over a few days, 2000 units in stock decreased a thousand at a time until gone. My guess is they are going to grifters, jacking up the price and re-selling on amazon. No added value provided there.

I doubt it. I think there is just a lot of pent-up demand combined with whipsaw overbuying.

The semiconductor shortage has been absolute hell for SiPs and Modules–especially switching power regulators. If anything changes, you have to go back to start and requalify everything. At least with PCBs, you can do quick engineering changes.

However, rather than lots of Pocketbeagles’s, I think I’d really rather see something like the “Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+” that clicks into an SODIMM socket.

I’m really starting to feel the limitations of the .100 header pinout and the incompatibility between families means that we’re not really gaining anything in return. Look at how clunky the BB AI-64 is from maintaining support for the 2 46-pin connectors when the number of capes that will work on it is vanishingly small.

By contrast, breaking apart the guts (CPU, SDRAM, eMMC, etc.) from the peripherals (Ethernet, USB, DP, M.2, etc.) would allow both to evolve independently of one another (For example, I have never needed HDMI/DP, but yet I am stuck with it taking up pins because I have to redesign the entire board rather than just the peripherals). On an SODIMM connector, you have 200+ positions so you can allocate them in groups to different types of peripherals to actually maintain compatibility between families.

I’d probably even do it myself for the AM3359, but the issue is that I can’t source enough volume of the chips to make it worthwhile.