Display digital camera output to S-Video/DVI-D on beagleboard

Hello All,
I am working on an application which can capture frames from digital
camera and display that on S-Video/DVI-D in real time. I could get the
frames from digital camera , but I am facing an issue with displaying
that on S-Video/DVI-D out.

What I would like to know is how do I proceed to display any frame
viz.YUV420 data to SVideo/DVI-D?
I have worked on DM6446 previously, which requires to open the
framebuffer devices for display. Does this is same for OMAP 3530 ?
Is there any example available for configuring display device using
C ?

Waiting for your input.
Thanks in advance.

Amol B

  While I have no s-video out experience I can say
that mplayer, ffmepg and gstreamer work well to output
video to a frame buffer. With my normal USB webcams I found
gstreamer to use the least cpu.
   Realtime? this is another matter. a 160x120 image , maybe.

Don Lewis

I also don't have any direct experience, but I think the name Steve
Mann is worth mentioning here. He wears a computer 24/7 and uses a
'mediated reality' visual interface.

http://wearcam.org/index.html (different from the first)

Unfortunately, he keeps a lot of the details behind the money, i.e.
you have to buy the book. Nevertheless, it's worth looking or getting
the books at your library.