Display Rotation on BBB Possible?

I would like to change display to portrait but have had no success with xrandr. I am using Debian Wheezy w/Xfce. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Seriously Man ?

Would u like, at least ! Use Google before asking help :

Because, you know, I Already answered to this question before :


Michael Musset,

Seriously what a dick! Thought this group was for help?

I have looked for a couple of days on the web regarding display rotation on the BBB and thank you but your answers didn’t work.


Well, one person is not the whole group. Everyone here is free to express themselves. Just make sure no contracts are taken out on anyone.


Ahahah, funny, it’s look like that I’m the bad guy here …

Well, maybe sorry then, but there is so many people that don’t look at Google before, they just put their question here and wait for an answer ! There is also people that get angry when we don’t answer them … .

Also, ur mail was too short (2 line come on !), u didn’t explain the steps that u tried to do, and the results that u got ( log ? ).

in My opinion, it’s too easy to do that, at least put some effort to explain ur problem, if u do that, I’m sure that someone will find out what was wrong in your research …

Do as you want, you are free, but it’s my advise to get some answer.

Michael Musset,


You need to remember you’re the one who needs help, and yes he is one some level right. you do need to google. Also, as he has said he has answered this question once already, so you could have searched the groups.

One thing perhaps you and others may not get is that many of us subscribe to these groups, and we get between 50-100 emails a day. Just from this group. So if instead he just kept his mouth shut, and not answered your post( and perhaps no one else did either ) how would that help you ? Maybe he was a bit abrupt, but you’re not exactly innocent here either. You could have searched for yourself.

Anyhow yes, use google, and the search feature on this group before asking as many questions have already been answered many times. Then, if you still need help because something is unclear by all means post away.

it does take some skill to know what to search for and when people don’t have enough technical background to get a good search query it just becomes easy to post simple ‘help’ questions. They really need to keep up the work and effort to not only enhance their search skills but at the same time they will enhance their technical skills by reading the posts they get from their queries. You’ll be surprised how much can be absorbed by reading what didn’t fix your problem but fixed other problems.

The other problem is this TEXT’ing and TWITTER’ing generation which can’t form or comprehend anything more than 256 chars long. I don’t feel bad about posting this because they’ve already moved on from this comment. :wink:

But this is all just my opinion. I did chuckle at Gerald’s post because I was just seconds from posting something similar but with less tact.

Now I can say , I cat’t feel any guilt