DIY Beagle Board

Hi Michel,

Interesting: 2,800 euro is around $4,200. Not so far from what I got. Although I though prices in US for this kind of prototyping are cheaper than in europe.

Here is the full quote I got after some negotiation:
PCB fabrication (10 pcs) $5,500
Fab NRE $200
PCB Assembly - 2 days, 2 units $950
Assembly programming $350
Solder Stencil $350
and add to it all the california tax, which is about 8%

It is 8 layer board, 4 x 6cm, have VIP (Via in Pad) - which is something that has to be filled with epoxy, and this probably increases the cost of production. Blind vias from layers 1-2 and 1-2-3. Hole size of 6mil (drilling, NO laser). Track size 4mil, minimum distance 4mil.
Ohhh… and I asked for aggresive manufacturing time, got less than 3 weeks for everything - PCB & assembly.


Gazelle wrote:

Hi Yuli – the board fabrication house I am using is Multiboard NV (formerly Barco Prints) their commercial contact person is Kevin Bervoet. I have also good experience with TopTech in UK and TTM Technologies in San Diego.

Perhaps the excessive costs is coming from the aggressive lead-time, about the taxes that sounds normal (8% in California vs. 21% in Belgium – but we recuperate the taxes afterwards).

Thanks for sharing your info.

Best regards

Michel Heuts

Multiboard NV
Kevin Bervoet
Sales Manager
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