DM9601 USB to ethernet adapter is not detecting


I have a DM9601 USB ethernet card.
and when I pluged in beagle board i got the below message.

usb 1-2.1: new full speed USB device using ehci-omap and address 3
usb 1-2.1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice

but i didnt get any information about the DM9601 driver or the network
interfaces(like eth0 ).

i have enable the DM9601 driver in kernel.

could please clarify regading on that.


Well, i was able to configure the usb ethernet by doing the following, maybe you find it usefull:

vi /etc/network/interface

face usbd0 inet dinamic
address 192.168.129

(after this, you should leave vi ([esc][Q][q][enter]))

then restart the network (i don’t remember how is it)

That worked for me,

2009/8/20 Thanga raj <>


Thank you