DNS resolve problems


I downloaded and installed the new Angstrom Image and now my Ethernet can’t resolve dns names. Heres my info:
Linux version 2.6.28-omap1
Angstrom 2009.X-test-20090324
Build 2009-03-26
Trednet TU2-ET100 USB to Ethernet adapter
B7 revision board

I know the Ethernet is working because I can ping the IP of my computer, but I can’t ping say google.com

Any Ideas?


I had this issue previously. It seems that things don't quite get set
up properly when udhcpd requests DNS information on boot (when it sets
up adapter).

Can solve after boot by simplying taking adapter down and back up
(e.g. ifdown eth0, ifup eth0). Which will pretty much do what happens
at boot up -- and should fix DNS.

As for 'proper' fix; if you don't mind a bit of messing around,
getting open-embedded working might be worthwhile to you. Since
2.6.28-r17 my problems with DNS magically disappeared (I have not
looked to see what changed, merely observed that this was the case!).


More specifically, there is a problem with setting the default route
on startup.

Kevin, if you do a "route -n" when you are having the problem, I will
bet dollars to donuts that you will NOT have a default route set -
i.e. you won't have a route for

If you do an "ifdown eth0;ifup eth0" (or whatever your interface is)
it will set the default route and you should be good to go.

You guys were exactly right, it wasn’t setting up a route for and bringing it down and up again did the trick.

Any sort of permanent solution to this besides adding to a startup script to ifdown then ifup on boot?

Thanks for your help,