Do this before FPGA programming with Libero/FlashPro Express

One important tip when using Libero/Flashpro Express directly to program a BeagleV-Fire through FlashPro5: You need to first lobotomize the board to get it to forget its previous BeagleV-Fire FPGA programming and associated device tree overlay.

  • The board will likely reprogram itself from the FPGA programming file stored in the System Controller’s SPI flash
  • U-Boot will apply device tree overlays for the previous board’s FPGA design.

This is done by erasing the start of the System Controller’s SPI flash using the following command executed on BeagleV-Fire:

  • sudo flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 1

You do not need to do any of this if programming new gateware/FPGA design by executing the script on BeagleV-Fire.

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