Documentation check

Hi all,

I have taken a brief look at the documentation each of you has provided from the projects page on Right now I am only looking to see what pieces each project has in place, and I’m glad to see that there are build instructions there for every package. Several also have some overview information, which is excellent.

By the end of next week I’d like to see each of these categories in each project:

Build Instructions (including repository & links to parent project, if any)
Usage Instructions

Note that these don’t have to be elaborate, but they do need to be complete and correct. The Overview/Abstract portion is important because otherwise most humans won’t know what your project is about, and this may include reviewers at Google, who may or may not be up on the latest intricacies of OMAP programming. Note that the overview text is also very useful for putting this project on your resume or CV, which you should all definitely do. (Mentors too!)

I’ll be at LinuxCon this next week, but I will definitely set aside some time for anyone who needs help.

Thanks all & keep up the good work