Does BBAI-64 support CAN-FD?

Does BBAI-64 support CAN-FD?

The processor used has Sixteen Modular Controller Area Network (MCAN)
modules with full CAN-FD support. Only 10 of them are brought up to the connectors.
I created a gentoo version for the youyeetoo Intel board and planning one for the BB-AI64 and youyeetoo YY3568 (arm board). I have received my CAN driver adapter board from seeed which support 5 CAN, I use CANFD drivers from Microchip.
I did create a board with a RL78 G14 and MCP2517FD that I can use to test the can on the BB A64. Currently my code only supports J1939 and GMLAN which use CAN 2.0.
I use chroot to create my gentoo on my computer except with the intel boards which I am able to boot a gentoo boot on USB and chroot on that.
I might be able to do the same on the youyeetoo arm board, it doesn’t seem possible on the beaglebone boards, the youyeetoo boards have support for ssd and sata which makes it easy to create a gentoo while booted on another linux.


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