Does BeagleBoard-xM support Ethernet with uBoot?

I want to tftp to download kernel image and access nfs root file
system, does the BeagleBoard-xM have the Ethernet supports in uboot?

or any version of uboot work with ethernet for BeagleBoard-xM?


The UBoot on beagleboard(not xM) supports command 'tftp', xM should be
the same.
type 'printenv' to see the Ethernet config.
type 'tftp 0x...... uImage' to download a uImage file to 0x.......
the remote ip is saved in the uboot env. eg. 'serverip='

It may be a little hard to use nfs, but the ramfs will be ok....
May this help you.
Frank.Z wrote:

BeagleBoard-xM didn’t support for UBoot with tftp, because it’s didn’t contains the Ethernet driver.