Does beaglebone support ieee 1588 (ptp)?

I know that processor, AM335x used in beaglebone, supports ieee 1588.

Does that PHY on beaglebone also support ieee 1588?

because I need to do a project about ieee 1588, but I want to realize it on beaglebone,


The PHY does no manipulation of the data. It is just the interface.


joining late on this thread…

I don’t know much about IEEE1588. just a simple question: how can I use it on BeagelBone Black?


The IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol requires a special Ethernet PHY chip that
can time stamp packets in hardware. The LAN8710 Ethernet PHY chip used in
the BBB does not mention this capability in the data sheet, nor is it on the lists
I found of PHYs that do have the capability.

— Graham

thanks Graham!

does that mean that IEEE-1588 has a mandatory requirement on specific HW? for example, there is a Java project that seems to implement this (
in other words, can IEEE-1588 be implemented with SW only?


You can implement the IEEE-1588 protocol in an all software system.

I doubt that you will be able to achieve the sub-microsecond time synchronization performance, easily.

They are looking for sub microsecond time stamping of the packets.

All of the practical systems, I read about depend on hardware time stamping in the PHY.

Example: Texas Instrument PHYTER Family DP83640

Google: IEEE-1588 tutorial

Google: DP83640

— Graham