Doubts in BOM - BXM Rev A2

Hi people,

   Please, I'm having some doubts about the BOM's Beagle xM Rev A2:

     ITM 21: the partnumber is 83R3K-T, the "complete partnumber" is

     ITM 67: the partnumber is about one resistor 0402 but the
description is about 0603, what is right?

     ITM 68: the partnumbers is about one resistor of 1/16W but the
description is about one of 1/5W, what is right?

   Anothers points was possibly solve reading the manual and looking
at pictures, unfortunately I could not solve these items. If anyone
here can help me I will be grateful.

- Kind Regards.

Alberto Fabiano

I iwll answer your question later tonight or tomorrrow.


I will be releasing a new BOM and PCB design in the next several weeks that should make the issues a mute point. Some of these issues are related to parts that do not match the PCB footprints This was corrected on the next revision of the board, Rev A3. I suggest you not try to build a REV A2 BOM or board due to these issues and use the new information that will be released…