Download PASM code to PRU-ICSS

How do I download/run the output of PASM to the PRU-ICSS?

These links should help you.


There are many examples in the PRUSS package. Here you have a trivial a simple application that uses PRU library to read the compiled PRU program, load it and start the code:


Thanks for the feedback. Be advised we have an OS-less system so I don’t have the drivers described in most of the documentation I’ve seen so far.

One of Gerald’s links showed a way to use CCS to download an image but I don’t have the proper emulator/hardware combination. We have a beaglebone and an XDS100v2 emulator but this combination does not allow me to load the proper GEL files (AM335x_15x15_EVM.gel, AM335x_PRU_ICSS.gel). Any other suggestions?



Read the documentation. If you don't run an OS, you get to do a lot of
things yourself. You can review the existing driver code as a starting

Basically you need to bang on a few bits in some control registers (that
control the PRU running state...disable it to gain access to the
instruction ram), load the PRU instruction RAM with your program, and
then bang on the control bits again to turn the PRU on.

You will need direct access to physical memory addresses, and you will
need to have the internal SoC clock trees setup properly, so the PRU has
a valid clock.