downloading and building your own u-boot

not technically part of the validation process, but i'm going to
write a few paragraphs on how to download u-boot, configure it for the
beagle and build it (yes, yes, it's trivial, but what the heck).

  only question is, what's the current state of affairs for u-boot in
terms of support for the BB if one wants to keep up with development?
there's the master branch of u-boot.git, but there's also an omap3
branch. then there are the forks of u-boot-arm.git and u-boot-ti.git
and i don't know what else.

  i'm guessing just the regular master branch will do just fine as a
start. and using denx's ELDK toolchain is a simple solution, even
though i know i can bitbake u-boot with OE as well.

  any opinions on git branches or repos? or just go with the master?